Wireless 4g & 5g InternetInstallation

Conventionally, fixed wireless technology has been utilized in rural areas where setting up the infrastructure for other wireless services is costly given an area’s sparse or thin population. Nonetheless, in the residential areas, 4G or 5G fixed wireless modems are now also being utilized as a faster and inexpensive option to the NBN.

Here at OZ Secure Tech, our technicians are completely licensed with the Open Licensing and have the skills and experience necessary to install wireless 4G and 5G in your business or home.

Rather than using cable, fixed wireless is delivered by 4G radio signals sent from the nearest transmission tower. These signals are then captured by a built-in high gain antenna installed on the roof of the client.

Once the antenna has been installed, our technicians will then neatly run hidden cabling to connect the external antenna to the internet router, bringing you fast and dependable access to the internet.

Do you already have a modem?

OZ Secure Tech can assist in enhancing coverage, speed and signal strength for a current router by installing a new LTE Antenna and also extra devices like Wi-Fi access points and boosters if necessary.

For any kind of wireless internet requirements, get in touch with our team at OZ Secure Tech for fast, friendly and dependable service all across Victoria.

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