Wifi Internet & Data Points

We depend on internet for almost everything, right from work and education to entertainment and staying in touch with friends and family. So it is needless to say that slow or undependable Wi-Fi can be truly baffling for all the members of the family.

We are experts in:

  • Recognizing and fixing Wi-Fi dead spots.
  • Installation of hard wired data points installation and setup of wireless access points for an extended Wi-Fi coverage
  • Point to point Wi-Fi links between properties and buildings
  • Installation of fixed and wireless 4G/5G antennas
  • Commercial Wi-Fi solutions for retail, warehouses and offices.
We can also assist you accomplish
  • Extended Wi-Fi coverage to the outdoor areas.
  • Wi-fi coverage for the outbuildings, including bungalows, sheds etc.
  • Wi-Fi and internet coverage to farms and rural properties.
  • Wi-Fi and internet coverage to outdoor recreation amenities.
  • Internet solutions where NBN is not available or performing inferiorly.
If you are having Wi-Fi or Internet problems we will fix it
  • We will test the strength and speed of your internet and Wi-Fi
  • Suggest and apply a solution customized to the particular requirements of your business or home.

If you are looking for assistance with any of your Wi-Fi, internet or Data points, get in touch with our team at OZ Secure Tech for fast, friendly and dependable service all across Victoria.

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