Intercom Audio and Video

In the 1970s, intercoms were designed for convenience. They made it simple for the secretaries to communicate with their bosses and at home, parents can use an intercom to call children to come to dinner. Over the years, intercoms have evolved to become an integral part of businesses or home security plan.

Intercom audio and video can be used for the screening of guests and visitors before they enter your home, commercial or business premises and with audio and video identification, it is feasible to not only talk with those requiring access, but to handle it through your mobile from any location across the world.

Our Intercom Audio and Video System

We offer a wide range of intercom support services, including intercom maintenance and repair through service level agreements. Our support services encompass a wide range of the best intercom system manufacturers.

From residential intercom systems for apartment buildings to commercial intercom systems for businesses, offices, schools, hospitals and more, our intercom solutions are an effective way to enhance security and identification of the visitors, no matter you are performing a system upgrade, replacing a current system or installing a completely new system.

We offer a wide range of intercom systems
  • Broadcast intercom
  • Office Intercom
  • Room to room intercom
  • Doorbell Buzzer systems
  • Telephone entry systems
  • Wired or wireless Intercom systems
  • Audio/ video Intercom systems

An intercom system can validate the visitors before granting entry to them, and when those intercoms are implemented across different checkpoints, offices and entrances throughout a business operation, it may bring a complete new level of security. They can be utilised just as an audio microphone or they might have more advanced features, like alarm integration or adjustable video cameras.

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