Smart Home Vs. Normal Home – Why You Should Switch to Home Automation

Smart home solutions are very popular right now and for all the right reasons. Gadgets are getting more intelligent, making your life easy and manageable. For instance, you can program a Robovac to clean the thick coating of dust under the bed. Unlike the old corded vacuum, these devices can pretty much handle the dirty work themselves. Another feature you can have is intelligent LED bulbs that allow remote control over the lights.

Normal homes are conventional dwellings minus the sophisticated gadgets seen in automated housing. In a traditional home, activities like turning on lights or adjusting thermostats are done manually. On the other hand, smart home automation gadgets will manage and monitor the household in a digital home. There’s no need for you to concern yourself with such trivial matters.

You can pre-program the lights to turn on when it gets dark outside. Likewise, automatic air purifiers will come on at predefined times and clean the air at regular intervals. This technology allows you to secure the property and make it energy efficient. Intelligent properties help you in many aspects of your life and keep the family safe.

Here are the differences between an automated and a traditional residence:

  • Automation Level: One of the biggest differences between a traditional house and a smart house is the level of automation available. Some of the best home automation systems can simplify your life. For example, you can schedule a cleaning time for the robot vacuum at your convenience or even direct the remote latch to close the doors after a pre-set time.
  • Remote Control: Unlike traditional properties, smart residences let you control everything through a voice or mobile app. To put it into perspective, you can change the volume of the television or preheat the air fryer with a voice command.
  • Energy Efficiency: Smart homes tend to be more energy-efficient than normal homes. The system is programmed to operate more efficiently, reducing waste and saving money on energy bills. Automated systems ensure appliances are operating only when needed. A good example is Intelligent refrigerators and washing machines that come with energy-saving features. These products let you program auto shut-off timers to conserve power consumption.
  • Easy Interconnectivity: You can easily connect multiple smart devices to improve overall productivity and reliability. It lets users remotely manage and monitor their property, review security camera footage, and more. This will help you save money on household expenses.
  • Health and Wellness Tracking: Intelligent health gadgets can be immensely helpful in keeping tabs on the elderly. These gadgets facilitate real-time, two-way audio and video communication. Moreover, contact sensors can confirm if your loved ones are taking their medications on time. Smart watches can track heart rates as well as blood oxygen levels and notify you about emergencies.
  • Convenience: Smart devices make your life more convenient with their automation and remote control features. You can save time and effort on mundane tasks like ordering groceries or feeding pets. Yes, there are feeding devices that can be instructed to feed your pet when you are out.
  • Added Security: Advanced security features like surveillance cameras or motion sensors make homes more secure. Owners can remotely check their property and get real-time alerts in case of security breaches and break-ins.

Tips to Maintain Your Home Automation System

Intelligent houses are worth the money when you consider the advantages. However, it is essential to maintain the systems for them to run smoothly. Here are some tips on how you can keep them running smoothly for longer:

  • Software Updates: Every smart device needs frequent software updates. These patches prevent operational failures and ensure data safety.
  • Regular Testing: You should frequently test electronic gadgets, including lights, house security systems and more. Check the power supply as well, especially the outdoor installations like automatic sun louvres. It can help you identify and fix problems before they become an inconvenience.
  • Keep Them Clean: Dust and grime can build up on appliances and interfere with their performance. Wipe them down with a soft cloth and deep clean them once in a while for optimal performance.
  • Check the Batteries: Many smart home automation systems rely on batteries to function. Inspect and replace the batteries regularly to avoid unexpected outages.
  • Secure Network: Choose devices that are hard-wired to the Internet instead of relying on a Wi-Fi connection. They tend to be more secure and offer enhanced data protection. If a device is linked through a wireless network, activate all security features to protect it against hacking. After all, interconnected devices are only as secure as the Wi-Fi network.Make sure you have a strong password on the router and enable encryption (WPA2). You should also consider using a guest network for electronics that don’t need access to your main network. Just ensure that the device sends out an alert if it loses connection.

Switch to Smart Homes with OZ Secure Tech

Smart homes make your everyday life easier. You no longer have to stress about small chores like switching off the lights when you leave a room. Say you have a busy routine and can’t clean your house. No worries, an automated vacuum will handle it for you. If that interests you, come and talk to us. OZ Secure Tech provides a wide range of smart home solutions for all types of properties in Melbourne. Our team saves you the trouble of setting up house automation by yourself. So, if you want to install anything from a security alarm system to an intercom, we have your back. You can call us on 0433 580 022 or drop us an email at for details.